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updated fri 5 sep 03


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on thu 4 sep 03

For me, this is the deal...

I like Artifacts as ontological ennunciations.

What they 'say' or have to say ( or such of that as I may
read or hear, such as I find or maybe put there, ) will be
of the 'what' I like or may not like
about them.

My original interest, my original observation in it's way,
as a Child, was to notice the difference in 'mood' between
things then 'old' and things then 'new', or, between things
Happy and unhappy, whatever their austensible age or
provenance...and wondering about
it in various ways...

The overall confluence of texture, color, form,
function...of so many so many ways...ln
different 'levels' at may be.

The relations, evocations and attitudes they seemed to
express or invite...the
assumptions or presumptions they seemed to have to
them...not only 'about' themselves as something, but
necessarily as well, 'about' who would own, have or use
them...(and for what kind of 'what' they would be used...)

How is it with you?

Las Vegas