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where's my wheel head??

updated wed 3 sep 03


Roly Beevor on tue 2 sep 03

Hello kind people

I went down this morning to practice my throwing and there's the wheel, =
with no head! Its been nicked, half-inched, stolen (and sold for scrap =
I guess). =20

Oh dear. =20

Its quite old and has a number three morse taper fit. They are not, so =
far as I can discover, made any more and it is a real pain to get one to =
fit, new ones are all scew fitting nowadays apparantly. So my question =
is does anyone (in UK most conveniently) have an old wheel head with =
such a fitting? The shaft is 7/8in, tapering to 3/4in over 1 1/4in. =
The wheel was made by Woodleys in Newton Poppleford.

Roly Beevor

Phil Smith on tue 2 sep 03


If you do not get a donor, here's what you can do.

#1 track down any type of old wheel head.
Find a machinist. Either modify existing wheelhead mount or make an adapter
to fit the morse taper on the shaft. Adapter design of your choosing.
Consult machinist.

If the bore on the wheelhead is to large already, you can have the
machinist bore a bushing to the taper specs and press fit it into
the wheelhead. All depends on what you have to start with.

#2: Have the machinist make you an entirely new wheelhead.

My system is of the adapter type. Wheelheads are aluminum, quick-change, no
wrenches, no bats. If you prefer to use bats, have him drill bat pin holes.

#3: If you can't find a machinist give me a holler. I'm on the
West Coast USA. Shipping might get costly.