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when a kiln is a kiln is an oven?

updated thu 4 sep 03


wayneinkeywest on wed 3 sep 03

Clayarters, you are going to love this...

The "Blessed St Ron of the Electron Cowboys" just left after
wiring up the electric kiln. Took him a bit longer than=20
he expected, as I wanted not only a plug but also a
disconnect, and a circuit breaker in the panel as well.
But hey, I dug the trench and pre-buried the conduit
AND pulled the wire before he got there, so it's not like
the work was overwhelming him. (And he got a check)

Once everything was hooked up, I wanted him to stand
idly by and watch as I turned it on (all three on high)
and make sure there were no (electrical) problems. So far so
good. Then I opened the lid and made sure all the elements
were on and bright (thanks to whomever for that advice!) and
all was still well in the world. Officially ready to rock!

He took a look inside, saw everything brightly glowing, stepped
back, scratched his head, and the first words out of his mouth were:
"Ya think a whole pig'll fit in there? Oughta cook right quick!"
(Pig roasts are big down here...think of it as pit-firing a pig)
My reply (gods forgive me :>) was "Naaah, we're gonna bake=20
wedding cakes in it, all three layers at once, pillars and all!"

My partner, who was throwing a vase at the time, scooped it
off the wheel, and threw it at ME, laughing....

Wayne in Key West
who is planning on sawing wood on his electric meter dial
when the kiln is 12cents /Kw plus fuel adjustment