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tiles & very low fire options

updated thu 4 sep 03


Kathie Wheater on tue 2 sep 03

Hello Michelle,
I believe what Pamela so kindly suggested was a product carried by
Dick Blick. They are oven cure paints made by Pebeo. They come in
jars or in pen applicators. I have my kids and their friends color their
little porcelain whoopydoos with it. After curing 24hrs and baking 1hr
they are suprisingly durable. You have to really go after it with a file
to mar it.
China paints are another option. I don't have any experience with just
an immense smelly bag of it in the garage along with lusters which are
somewhat similar but fussier (you really need to keep the brushes seperate
and immaculatly clean with lusters).
These are fired between ^022 and ^018. And require good ventilation.
Another option I'm also no pro on are the AMACO china paint sets.
They look like a pan of watercolors and can be purchased from most
ceramic suppliers.
Mayco and Duncan also makes ^04 one strokes that work IMO better than any
amaco underglaze and can be diluted like water colors. I've done some
very gaudy stuff sprayed it over with my ^6 clear and fired it to ^6 with
NO burnout! They can also be used as overglaze fired to ^04

There you go.
Now have a ball!

Kathie W
One last check on that bisque and going to check out for the night.
The three troubadours rise very early and will awaken me with their
dolcet tones........................