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naming kilns, belated answer

updated wed 3 sep 03


Marcia Selsor on mon 1 sep 03

I had a raku kiln..wood fired with a rubble brick fire box, a fiber
lined oil drum... we called her the Phoenix. The neighborhood kids
knocked her down every time. We rebuilt her in a few minutes.
Great kiln and fast fire raku...clocked at 3.5 minutes for the fastest
load ever.
(after a lot of coals and a long day of firing)

There was a big ol' kiln in the kiln room called "big Momma"
There was a poem :
Come on Big Mama grunt and moan
Come on just one more cone.
It went on but I can't remember...something about the fire marsall.
Marcia Selsor

Merrie Boerner on mon 1 sep 03

Hi Kathie,
Names are nice.
My woodfiring kiln is named Mother.
My chainsaw is named Lucille.
My log splitter is named, that is my log splitter
is named Rip.
My house is named the Hog Chain Hilton.
Merrie aka Mississippi Queen, Hog Chain Merrie, Kickasswoodfiringwoman

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Jeremy McLeod on mon 1 sep 03

Kathie Wheater wrote:

> Do other people name their kilns?

I've never really considered this idea, but having attended
a kiln-building workshop given by Dah Mayor, I'm inclined
to name any Minnesota Flat Top I build in future "Melvin".


Jeremy McLeod

Kathie Wheater on mon 1 sep 03

Do other people name their kilns?
I was given a 16cuft Alpine gas kiln sans brick.
She has Maybelline painted across her brow.
As the story goes, She was named for the song
Maybelline, please be true, written in the 50's. One
of these days I'll have to rebuild her.
I named my new 10 cuft programmable Coneart Fabio.
Fabienne and I named him while sipping Gin & Tonics
(triple lime for the vitamin C).
He's big, hot and beautiful. He does what needs to be
done and ladies, how sexy is that???
The Cress is Blue for the control panel.
The 2cuft paragon is Shrimp.
Burnie is the kiln god (he's hot too). Linda K. gave him
to me for hostessing the club Raku/Pit fire events here.

I tell the kids who is on so they know what to stay away from.
No one messes with Burnie.

Kathie W
Feeling autumnal today in Glen Ellyn
Emmzy do is blowing her horn
sheep's in the meadow
cows in the _ _ _ _
1st cold of the school year
many to follow

Pat K Kratzke on tue 2 sep 03

I bought a very old electric kiln, which the previous owner had nicknamed
"Dorothy." When we finally got it in the back of my husband's pickup
truck for the trip home, I saw why: It looks just like the tornado
monitoring contraption that Helen Hunt's character built in "Twister."

Perhaps I should name my wheel "Toto"?

Patti Kratzke
Kingston, WA