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updated wed 3 sep 03


Milla Miller on tue 2 sep 03

In a message dated 9/2/2003 12:09:22 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
j_rodgers@CHARTER.NET writes:

Do not get into installation at this point [or any other if you wish to
remain a clay person] as there is much to consider on both the technical side and
many other issues that will unnecessarily complicate things.

Take time to just do the tile and have them find an installer who has real
experience with custom tile and contractors.Also, make a lot more than a
''couple extra tiles'' for the job .Remember when taking the assignment that you must
tell them any samples are just ''examples'' of the possible finished
product.A few samples of glazes on the body showing the range from end to end done
in the firing planned and a written statement that the customer understands
they may not pick specific shade results or expect exact matches.Sometimes if a
designer has not been working with a potter they may believe they can get
just the color and finish from a sample but that will kill you if you let them
assume that, as Murphy's law will prevail!!!!

You would be advised to consider taking a class with one of the workshops
like Peter King or others on this list who teach them for a fast track up to date
know how on this.

It is a leap from making tiles to sell to doing commissions and even more for
installations, get more solid information as there are plenty of issues for
which you must have adequate information..

Have fun and good luck,
> At this point, I may or may not do the installation of the tiles. That
> is being discussed. As part of the deal I must provide a couple of
> extra tiles of each size in case of breakage or other damage, and for
> future use.