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guidebook of ga potters

updated sun 7 sep 03


hawksstephen@NETSCAPE.NET on mon 1 sep 03

The Guide to Ga. Potters was put together by Rebecca Wood in
conjunction with the exhibit: Perspectives in Watkinsville, Ga. If you are
anywhere near Watkinsville Ga., the OCAF pottery/clay art exhibit
Perspectives, going on til september 14, combined with a sale for the next
two more weekends after this one, is realy worth seeing. There are over 40
potters and ceramic artists from all over Ga. The Exhibit alone is well
worth the trip but the sale is just as exciting. I have never seen so many
people buying pottery in one place. I am certain it was unprecedented in the
history of Ga. ceramic art. Go see it. Besides peices from each
artist, there are also Peices from the artists own collections, as
well as peices from collectors selections.There are also workshops
with Ron Myers and Don Penny. More info at
Stephen Hawks

glazemaker on mon 1 sep 03

Mark, you mentioned a "Guidebook to Georgia Potters" for $8.00. How can =
others like myself purchase this book?

Bob Nicholson on wed 3 sep 03

>The Guide to Ga. Potters was put together by Rebecca Wood in
>conjunction with the exhibit: Perspectives in Watkinsville, Ga.

Wow! Good to see people working together to pull something like
this off.

I didn't see any reference to the Guide book on the website at are there copies available for sale?

Janet Kaiser on thu 4 sep 03

Is that Ga in Southern India, Ga as in Ga-Ga or is Ga a new
religious order?

Sorry, but if you want to attract attention from everywhere and
presumably one does if it is on the internet, using local
abbreviations is not very useful.

Just my 2 pence worth

Janet Kaiser - suffering post rigorous therapy session with
muscles in spasm even before I went into the gym... Getting out
of bed will be very "interesting" tomorrow... :-(

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Stephen on sat 6 sep 03

Georgia as in southern united States, North American continent.