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clay it forward/registration paid for workshop

updated thu 4 sep 03


Joyce Lee on tue 2 sep 03

We have a donor for Clay It Forward..... she
has paid her $60.00 registration fee for a LIving Tree
Pottery workshop in Summerfield, N.C. ...... now
finds she cannot attend..... and would like to
donate the fee to a clayarter who can attend.
Lisa has approved this process and will be
happy to honor the registration change.

The workshop is this COMING weekend....=3D20
Sept. 6 - 7, Saturday and Sunday. The workshop
covers both PMC and Dichroic Glass with Ann
Woods. More information is on the Living Tree
site. In Lisa's words:

The particulars on the CLay it Forward are on my webpage: =3D

The donor has only covered the workshop fee; the recipient will have to =
buy his/her own piece of glass, which will range from $6-10, and it's a =
2-day workshop, 3 hours Saturday and 3 on Sunday. That's THIS COMING =
weekend (sorry for short notice). THanks!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa's webpage talks about a B&B and other

If you're interested, please e-mail me, Joyce Lee.
This one
is probably First Come, First Served unless
someone has some very unusual reason for

Thank you.

In the Mojave
More later in the week announcing books to
be donated by claybuds.