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updated sun 31 aug 03


Joyce Lee on sat 30 aug 03

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Just because your insurance agent knows that you have one, two, four, a
dozen kilns in your house, under your bed, whatever
does NOT mean that you are covered if or when they cause damage! Even if
they have bats in their eyes.
READ YOUR POLICY!!! if it does not specifically STATE IN WRITING that you
are covered from that type of damage,
then most likely YOU ARE NOT. It might be listed in the exclusions instead.

As a professional kiln builder have to second Wayne's excellent comments in
his last posting which are partially excerpted above.
I deal with this issue with clients all the time and give them the same
kind of advice. IMHO, his advice is quite sound and "a good read".

Insurance companies make their money by getting and investing the money
from premiums..... not from paying claims. All the lovely marketing
slogans aside......... they look for ways to not pay claims or to trim some
of the costs off a claim they are paying.

Caveat emptor.



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