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terra sig over slip

updated mon 1 sep 03


Bacia Edelman on fri 29 aug 03

Diana wrote:
>>He (husband) put a black slip on it while it was leather
hard. Now that it is bone dry (still has not been
bisqued yet), can I still use a terra sig on top of
Is it possible to do this, or has anyone tried before.
I want to do a pit firing before fall is over, and it
would be nice to put this piece in with it all.<<

Diana: There are many variables and also many folks working
with terra sig since my days of sawdust firing pots with it.
I had not seen any answers to your question so here is my try.
Since the slip is in place, if you have facilities to airbrush
(or spray) the terra sig, it might disturb the underlayer less.
If you plan to burnish, I would do it lightly with a plastic
grocery bag rather than, say, a burnishing stone, in order
to avoid marring the layer of slip. But it is definitely o.k. to
apply terra sig to dry unfired ware. I always did. Russel Fouts
has a technique of applying it to bisque. I might add that
terra sigs vary enormously as well.
Good luck

Bacia Edelman
Madison, Wisconsin

Donald G. Goldsobel on sat 30 aug 03

A while back there was a thread about stand up throwing and one of theposts
was about a workshop a clyarter had attended where the host potter had a
stand up arrangement with shelf and belly brace around the raised wheel. I
am in the process of building such a set up and would like to visit the web
site for that potter.

Anyone have that sie URL?