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fw: artists status in society - from norman via joyce

updated sat 30 aug 03


Joyce Lee on fri 29 aug 03

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From: "Norman van der Sluys"
To: "Joyce Lee"
Sent: Friday, August 29, 2003 5:53 PM
Subject: artists status in society

> My take on the craftsperson - craftsman discussion is as follows:
> The usage of craftsman derives from "craftsmanship." This has an
> established meaning connoting quality workmanship, attention to detail,
> understanding of the properties of the materials involved and exploiting
> them to advantage. It is a badge of honor to be called a craftsman.
> The usage of craftsperson derives from the term craft as in "arts and
> crafts." This is a field propagated by the popular women's magazines,
> featuring projects designed to keep Mom and the kids busy. They are
> touted as easy, and indeed they are. They also involve partially
> finished products available at your local Walmart, K-Mart or "Ceramics"
> store. If people get involved in these projects, they can come to
> believe they are being creative. Usually they depend on "craft
> suppliers" to provide them with materials with the "hard part" already
> done. 'Craftperson" caters to this largely female audience as they see
> it as an affirmation of their "intrinsic worth."
> Do not look down on these poor unfortunates. They are only trying to
> find meaning for their shabby existance, and seek it, along with
> everything else in their lives at WalMart.