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dog, gone ups man

updated fri 29 aug 03


dneese on wed 27 aug 03

My UPS man is afraid of the "Dos Lickers". Blows the truck horn at the end
of the driveway, curb service indeed! I come out and he hollers "dogs". Yes,
they are dogs. Wants me to come to the truck. I have found packages in the
middle of the driveway and yard halfway to the house. On top and next to the
mail box out by the road. With notes attached "dogs in yard". I have told
the UPS man several times since that the dogs are harmless, put the packages
on the protected front porch if I am not home or if my big blue sign saying
COME TO THE STUDIO BEHIND GARAGE is out on the front door, I am home, bring
it to the studio in the back. Little bitty Girl Scouts selling cookies do.
My propane delivery guy does. Mailman, no problemo. Jehovah Witnesses on
bicycles find me...always. The Dos Lickers just bark some and that's all.
Only thing that they have bitten is a biscuit.
Never know where I will find packages when I am expecting delivery via UPS!

Dale Tex
"across the alley from the Alamo"
San Antonio, Texas USA