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selling prices at different venues (was re: you do the math)

updated thu 28 aug 03


Janet Kaiser on wed 27 aug 03

Hi Stacey

I am a staunch believer in the price only varying very slightly
(if all all) between venues. It does not matter if it is selling
from a market stand or through a high class gallery, the price is
a reflection of the VALUE of the work. If you under-cut yourself,
it is not good and that is what you are doing if you have large
price deferentials.

So take the top gallery price and apply that to all your selling
venues. Then you get a higher return from the gallery which
charges less commission. And when you sell directly you just get
more turnover. That "extra" is the portion which pays you the
costs of setting up a stall (work, lost production time, travel,
expenses, etc.) Once you deduct those costs, you should be back
to what you would be paid by a gallery/shop minus the commission.

Your customer base will also see that your work has a STANDARD
PRICE and is therefore WORTH what is on the price tag.

You will also stay friends with both the galleries... We do not
like it when work by specific artists can be bought cheaper

One way of evading the issue, is to have bigger, better, more
intricate, one-off and therefore work which is worth more at the
galleries which take a higher commission down to the smallest,
more mundane, least expensive work on your market stall.


Janet Kaiser

>extra info:
>in an informal survey of my potential customer base, some would
pay no more
>than $12 per plate, while others thought that $20 was not
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