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carole suzanne electric ^6 kiln

updated thu 28 aug 03


dkosmo potter on wed 27 aug 03

1.--Can anyone help us. We have a Carol Suzanne
electric kiln.
We have now fired it 2 bisques and one glaze to cone
There are switches for the bot-mid-top door and
There is a temp gage that displays the numbers and
even a
soaking temperature gage.
2.--Does anyone have experience with this type of
3.--The last bisque we candled for 8 hours reaching
200 degrees.
Then we inched all the gages upward and in 5 hours we
hit 1150.
The kiln shut down and within 10 min I had it going
again from 1100.
We reached 1834 degrees cone 07 went down in just one
and a half
4.--Does anyone have the manual for this kiln or the
5.--I went on-line and found 2 kilns that were for
The manufacture in 1983 was in Anaheim, CA, but not
Could you copy the manual for us and we are more than
willing to pay
for the info.
6.--We know that there are several settings, but we
have not figured
a way to operate them.
We are in Chula vista, CA.
email me at