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artist ii

updated wed 27 aug 03


Dupre CTR Marcy M on tue 26 aug 03

If I could piggy-back on Vince's excellent submission, I love the line Emile
Zola used when he was asked what his purpose in life was. He said "I am an
artist. I am here to live out loud!"

So, adding that to the Twelve Steps of Artist's Non-Anonymous (ANA):

Step one: Admit to yourself that you are an artist.
Step two: Make art.
Step three: Make more art.
Step four: Make some more art.
Step five: Keep making art.
Step six. Make even more art.
Step seven: Don't stop making art.
Step eight: Make art in the morning.
Step nine: Make art in the afternoon..
Step ten: Make art in the evening.
Step eleven: Make art all night long.
Step twelve: Stand on a street corner and shout to the world "I am an
artist! I am here to live out loud! You are an artist! We are all

Next meeting is at my house. Bring ten pounds of clay and a pot of hot
coffee. We're going to do interesting things with dried weeds and cooked
pearl rice...

See you there!

in lovely-Mars-in-the-morning Springfield, VA