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!glaze book recommendations

updated wed 27 aug 03


Joe Coniglio on tue 26 aug 03

If you had one interesting, dependable, illustrative, comprehensive, fun ^10R
Glaze book--what book would that be?

Aug Week 4 got fat.
Lost a very nicely written seductive glaze book opinion request somewhere
between here and the impending week 5.

I want to buy a glaze book for ^10R Stoneware/Porc. Ideally it would have
only my favorite glaze groups in it. Japanese Shinos, Oribes, Temokus, Chuns,
English pottery classics in Salts, Cobalts, American eclectics like MD Shino,
maybe some groovy ash and slip glazes, some fundamental tried and true to the
extent they are consistant base glazes too. That's my wish list. Any one
starter book come close to that?

Thanks!! JoeC