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where to find styrofoam sheets

updated tue 26 aug 03


David Hendley on sun 24 aug 03

Furniture stores. They regularly throw away big sheets, like 3 feet by
5 feet, which you can cut to fit and line your boxes. Like Chris, I
often line boxes with thick sheets. (It's not really Styrofoam, which
is a brand name, and is extruded. The white stuff used for ice coolers
and packing is "expanded".
David Hendley

----- Original Message -----
> Speaking of packing, does anyone have a lead on
> where I could get sheet styrofoam (1" thick), preferably
> free? A friend gave me a bunch of this stuff several
> years ago -- it had been used by the moving company
> that shipped furniture across the country for her. It has
> been wonderful for shipping pots -- I line the boxes with
> it and then don't have to double box -- but now it's all