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vince: about "artist" iii

updated tue 26 aug 03


Jan L. Peterson on mon 25 aug 03

Ok. That was me, with the Military analogy. My ex-husband made sarge once,
only to be broken back due to a humane thing that he was doing. That I won't go
into, because you couldn't read it from laughing so hard. He was an artist. I
saw a sketch book of his that was sensational. Didn't do it anymore, and
wouldn't. Instead, he now beads and makes moccasins and other items. He is totally
colorblind, which makes it even more extraordinary. My current husband is an
artist as well, in pencil. Did some great stuff. Doesn't anymore. Works
occasionally in wood. He painted with me once. I won't let him anywhere near my
ceramics with a brush again.
I think artistry is also earned. My cousin is an artist. She really had to
work at the one piece that I saw-magnificent. Her sister came along and did an
almost comparable picture in one sit. It's good, but it has no soul. That I
think is the difference. If you car e about what you are doing, then it shows,
and you shine through it. If you just sit down and knock it off, it shows that,
too, no matter how well it's done. Jan, the Alleycat