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ups shipping materials - those fruit wrappin' papers and so on...

updated tue 26 aug 03


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on sun 24 aug 03

Hi Miriam,

Consider too, that these may well have to them impregnations
of anti-bacteriological and fungacidal chemicals, which
likely pose no threat to one useing these papers or
cardboards, but...if one burn them, handle them and handle
food and so on...if a 'Puppy' or Child should chew them...


Just that they are maybe not 'merely' Paper or Cardboard as


Las Vegas

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From: "Miriam"

> Fruit & vegetable markets have large quantities of a
pressed purplish looking cardboard that their shippers use
to protect fruit, in between layers in the boxes. Like giant
egg cartons... a space for each piece of fruit.
> Now have "my" market save these for me, instead of
pitching them away... & they sure make packing my hand built
pottery a great deal easier.
> Miriam