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updated mon 25 aug 03


Lily Krakowski on sun 24 aug 03

While throwing and keeping an eye, sort of, on a huge pot of applesauce, I
thought some more about "artist" and why loose use of the term bugs me.

It is wrong, I think, for a group of people in a category of professions to
appropriate an honorific and rename themselves with it. If people are
painters and sculptors and potters, and like that, that is what they should
call themselves. Not appropriate an honorific used to describe someone who
does something supremely well.

There are military men. Soldiers, flyers, marines, sailors etc. They have
ranks. And some are heroes. But is would be wrong, I think, for them to
call themselves "heroes." I would find it offensive if I ran into someone at
a party and ask what she does and she says "Oh. I am a hero...." Not so fast
my girl....

Ditto, same party, if I ran into someone who describes himself as an artist.
Not so fast, m'lad.

Off to check the applesauce....Smells so good...

Lili Krakowski
Constableville, N.Y.

Be of good courage....