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fireclay in europe ii

updated sun 24 aug 03


Lily Krakowski on sat 23 aug 03

Alyssa, between what you wrote, Russel wrote, Steve wrote...I
concluded--recklessly no doubt--this.

That, AS IT WAS WHEN WE LIVED IN BRAZIL, the material is on hand--but it is
not sold in the art suppy/artists supply market. Only to industry.

That you found something similar sounds promising, Alyssa. There MUST be a
geology dept at a university, or a brick or furnace factory, or a factory
that USES furnaces that can tell you where the stuff is mined, and/or if
they are a factory, give or sell you 50 lbs.

Parenthetically we cannot get BOLS Genever here anymore. Why? Because the
amount consumed in this country, says the wine dealer, is too small. The
losses in shipping and on the docks are too big in proportion to the cost of
shipping. Same with clay. When we were in Brazil there were as yet no
studio potters (1950's) and so the materials were available only to

Lili Krakowski
Constableville, N.Y.

Be of good courage....