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pit firing ,how do you go deep,safely

updated sat 23 aug 03


Milla Miller on thu 21 aug 03

I see you are going much deeper than I am familiar.How do you get that deep
safely.We have a sandy clay and there have been several ''cave ins'' in our
area from what were described as unshored trenches that took the ditch digger's
lives.OSHA got on them for not digging according to the safety rules for
shoring such a project.Are you aware how to shore such a project as deep as you
describe? A deeper pit would sure make a pit fire a lot less visible to anyone
with a site such as mine. but it must be safely done .I don't want an early grave
as that will come fast enough without rushing it along.
jconiglio@SSARIS.COM writes:

> The australian example seemed waist-to chest deep