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updated sat 23 aug 03


Gene and Dolita Dohrman on fri 22 aug 03

Hello All! Question: I am about to re-do our backyard and will =
essentially just be bricking it over, creating a few raised beds so that =
our whole backyard will be a patio (it is only about 20X45). I want to =
create a fire pit area that can be utilized in a number of ways. 1) the =
obvious - a fire pit for chilly spring and fall evenings 2) a place to =
sit a Raku kiln 3) a place to do some pit firing. Does anyone have an =
idea on how I would configure such a thing? Or maybe point me in the =
right direction? It will be located half way between the house and the =
studio. I know I will need something solid on which to sit the Raku =
kiln-I can place some concrete block in there temporarily while doing =
the firing. Otherwise, I pretty much stuck.
May I just add that all of you just simply rock! This is the most =
incredible resource! I hope one day I can contribute.
Thank you for all of your input - I have taken advice on windows, =
drainage, plugs - all of it!
Bought the windows and the lighting for the studio last night, and so it =
has begun......
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