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updated fri 22 aug 03


mel jacobson on thu 21 aug 03

i have to beg just a bit of counter response.
eight years ago, david hendley was a totally
unknown potter in america. he was almost
unknown in his home town.

after eight years of writing on clayart, clay times, cm
and his work at nceca, he is a very
`recognized` potter in america.

david could go to any city in america and find clayarters
that would open their homes to him. trust him totally.
they know he is a quality human being.

he could not have done that 8 years ago.
if he decides to write a book, he has several options from
folks that would immediately know him and accept him as a
quality author. he is recognized as a fine potter, smart fellow
and a quality person.
he is admired.

he can say...`aw shucks, just my mom knows`...but that
is his natural shyness. we all know. thousands of potters
recognize his work and writing.
so, nice try david.
but, when it comes to recognizing simple fame, you are full of hot air.
with great affection.

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Janet Kaiser on thu 21 aug 03

Hell's Bells, Mel! Make that THE WORLD!
Or at the very least the English speaking bits with internet

We would ALL love David to drop by, even if it was just to check
out how he looks in those shoes, dust coat and fabulous fish
handbag everyone raves about! I would even "acquire" a road sign
or two for him to play with AND make sure he gets to try a
genuine Haggis washed down with Real Ale and proper Whisky!
Couldn't provide him with clay myself, but I bet Jacqui, Avril,
Steve, May, Ivor (Macclesfield), Colin & Co would AND we'd invite
all our friends, family, students & associates over to look and
learn... I am sure we could even cope with the southern
drawl-and-ponytail combination, even though we know all "real
Texans" are either short-haired cowboys or crew-cut oil men! :-)

Seriously, I know where you were coming from Mel, when alluding
to people (you mentioned no names and neither do I - there have
been several) setting themselves up and apparently "using" this
wonderful forum before floating off into the wild blue yonder to
"better things". It is probably not intentional and the
individuals concerned would probably be mortified, but from what
has been said (off-line and on), some PERCEIVE that they have
been exploiting their position in some way.

It does just not seem to be gentlemanly or ladylike the way it
has been done... It also makes one wonder about the true courage
of their own conviction... I know, I know. I have a bad mind...
But if someone is unable to take the scrutiny of one's peers or
defend their position, it shows they have "feet of clay" IMO...
One push and over they go... There is so much pure passion on
Clayart and firmly held beliefs / attitudes, usually combined
with years of experience, but you don't get Mr. or Mrs. Nice Guy
telling us to collectively get stuffed just because someone,
somewhere doesn't agree with every word they utter.

Yes, it can be tedious and boring for days on end and sometimes
it feels like banging one's head against a brick wall on issues
we have a bee in our bonnet about, but there is never any feeling
the Goodies are hanging around only to impress or market
themselves as a "God's Gift to Potters" package. Quite the
contrary! And like many of the names that have stuck around and
earned respect the hard way, David remains a liddle auld potter
everyone would love to chug a beer with and spin a yarn.
Approachable with not a jot of inflated self-importance...

And anyway... Anyone with a sense of humour just has to be a Good
Guy! Baddies don't have an ounce of wit or irony in 'em! They are
too busy taking themselves as seriously as they want others to...
I bet they never smile at themselves, let alone laugh or poke
fun. All calculating and watchful, ready to take offence and be
offensive. The kind of neighbour you want to say "loosen up" to
all the time... Tedious, tiring and boring.


Janet Kaiser - trying to sort trains out for Rikki... Only the
British rail authorities could decide to do major repairs on a
main route when the whole country will be on the move returning
from their holidays for the beginning of the school year... What
a mess! Looks like Rikki will be seeing a good deal more of the
English countryside and many more station platforms than she
bargained for!

>david could go to any city in america and find clayarters
>that would open their homes to him. trust him totally.
>they know he is a quality human being.
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