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gas kiln purchase

updated thu 21 aug 03


Winnie Coggins on wed 20 aug 03

My art center is in the market for a new down draft gas kiln, 30 cubic =
foot capacity. This would be fired every other week to cone 10, =
hopefully firing off in 12 hours. From the archives I found a =
discussion from 6 years back--what is happening now? Fiber or brick? =
How does the usable lifetime differ between the two? Do manufacturers =
include ITC? What kind of burners? What type of =
venting/controls/monitoring systems? Reliability/responsiveness of =
manufacturers? Answers to any of these questions are welcome. The art =
center needs to make a purchase before the close of its fiscal year, =
September 30, and doesn't have the manpower or time to construct a kiln =
at this time.

Winnie in Columbia, Maryland