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direct firing test

updated tue 19 aug 03


John Anthony on mon 18 aug 03

Hi all-
I did a small "direct fire" test this Sat, while glazing for the
wood kiln. I had hoped to fire my
newly completed gas flattop, but I haven't rigged a counterweight
system to lift the lid(duh).
So I decided to blast off my salvaged raku kiln. I'm pretty sure I was
in oxidation all the way up,
although I don't have an oxyprobe. I picked a few recipes from the
archives (David H's Simply Red, a shino from
June Perry...) and got some nice tests. Up to cone 10 in less than 4
hours, stoked wood for twenty minutes or so
fired down at 100F/hour for four hours. I'm encouraged by the results-
now I just have to get the lid
up on the gas kiln.
A few pix at

John Anthony