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warped porcelain at cone 10 reduction

updated wed 20 aug 03


Susan Antinori on sun 17 aug 03

Clay gurus...
How do i prevent porcelain from warping??? I'm using Helios, a porcelain
from Highwater Clay. I bisque to cone 06 in electric, fire to cone 10 in
gas reduction. Almost all of it warps.

Shoud I be throwing tighter? drying slower?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Summer's waning in the north GA mountains, dogwoods are turning already.
Snakes on the move.


John Britt on sun 17 aug 03


Are you sure you are firing to cone 10? I use Helios and fire and can
fire it to cone 12 with no problem.

Are you slab building paper thin pots?

John Britt

iandol on mon 18 aug 03

Dear Susan Antinori,

You need Issue 5 of Ceramics Technical, Alisair Whyte, "Tools and Tool =
Making for Porcelain". PP 3-10.

This covers some of the thing you can do to overcome the effects of =

Have Fun.

Best regards,
Ivor Lewis. Redhill, South Australia