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the day i met dick aerni's competition

updated sun 17 aug 03


clennell on sun 17 aug 03

Today I had an art teacher of high school for 36 years visit the pottery.
He was scouting out craft shows that he might attend with his newly found
love- pottery. He didn't want to do just any show, he only wanted to do the
best. He was quite a fascinating guy that had bought a winery and raised 3
million $$$ but needed another 1 million to do it right. Sold it and bought
a house in France where he spends half the year. Rents it out by the week
for the other 6 months and clears $15,000 profit. He wants to make pots in
Canada for 6 months and sell them at the good craft shows. this guy was no
fool and probably would have been a success story as a potter.
I told him there where no decent shows in my area and that he ought to try
Ann Arbour, Michigan. Sorry, Dick but i couldn't help but think of you.
The fascinating thing about our conversation was his observation- "The
better my pots get, the harder they are to sell". More thoughts about Dick.

Tony and Sheila Clennell
Sour Cherry Pottery
4545 King Street
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