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sales revisited

updated wed 13 aug 03


Kathie Wheater on mon 11 aug 03

Thank you Janet for sharing your wisdom. We newbies would
be lost without it. About stickers and why I don't use them, I
have found that in the beginning we are quite unsure as to what
to sell our wares for. I am learning quickly. I sell sometimes twice
weekly at a relatively upscale open air market in two different towns.
I also have some gallery work in progress. I was told by the galleries
to increase the prices by a maximum of a third. A $20 mug would be 23.
Smaller pieces I get a serious hit on. Personally I have to work harder
and make more to keep my prices modest. I am an unknown except
here in my locale. At the markets I started out low. When demand
for my work became greater than I could produce it the price went up a
little. If you miss just one little sticker the gig is up. I must say I've never
had anyone question the prices or haggle. I know, I know just wait. In this
case the venue does matter, and the customers understand that. I would
love to discuss this issue and others further off list if possible. As I stated
before, all input is appreciated!
As Always, Kathie Wheater
From balmy Glen Ellyn where the mosquitoes are now ppt