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response from st. pete clay co.

updated wed 13 aug 03


Ken Yancey on tue 12 aug 03

St. Petersburg Clay Company is closed on Sunday and Monday, so I went to
talk to them this morning (Tues.) regarding the unhappiness of
recipients to the large e-mail file. Operations Manager Jonathan Hawkins
already new about the issue, and the mood among Jonathan and his staff
of Artists in Residence was solemn to say the least. They are unhappy as
well and are very apologetic that the large e-mail was sent. I offered
to write on their behalf, since no one in the immediate area has a
subscription to ClayArt. So I will quote Jonathan Hawkins. John said "
Please tell the recipients of the large e-mail that I am sorry for the
inconvenience. We realized too late that that was not the proper way to
send out an application for our Pottery Competition and that the
majority of e-mails were sent back to us as undeliverable. Please
mention to all on the ClayArt list that we would be more than happy to
mail via U S. Postal Service our invitation to the St. Petersburg Clay
National 2003: Juried Ceramic Art Exhibition."

On behalf of St. Petersburg Clay Company and a member, I would like to
mention that this organization has an amazing desire to contribute to
the support and proliferation of the ceramic arts. I am more than
impressed with their Artists in Residence program, offering studio
space, gallery space, marketing training, and more to young art majors
in pursuit of their art careers. Their obligation among other routine
chores is to organize and promote the St. Petersburg Clay National. All
of these fifteen, young, bright and eager potters are hard working,
arriving in the early morning and leaving in the late night hours. I
am proud to know each and every one by their names and to work among
such high energy. Not one of these Artists in Residence would have any
desire to send out a malicious e-mail, when it is their own reputation
at risk.

Please visit their web site at to learn more
about their organization and their Artist in residence Program.

Ken Yancey.