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please, just one more constructive thread on education

updated wed 13 aug 03


Leland G. Hall on tue 12 aug 03

Mel, please let this through:

Hello all,

Regarding the educational system:

I Have followed this with thread with great interest. I find it
fascinating that folks in the USA figure their "system" is best. In fact,
is almost sounds like "ethnocentricity", in a way.

I have heard rumors that in Canada, the public educational "system" is
very very different.

I heard that their system is much less of a "one size fits all"
proposition. It was said to me that trade school becomes a very availiable
option for kids who seem to not fit the stamdard "program".

I don't know if any of this is true. But if it is, and if it works, then
maybe it wouldn't be so hard to imagine that we here in the US don't have
it perfectly figured out?

Any body have the guts to have a look at some comparitive per capita
statistices? Canada VS USA: Homelessness, homicide, addiction, domestic
violence, teenage pregnancy etc.

I have no idea how to access those stats, but I believe that they would
paint a telling picture. I don't claim to know what that picturess story
would be. But it is only logical that those numbers would indicate how
well a "public education system" is really doing.

Thanks for listening
Leland Hall
La Pine, OR

Clay Heals