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: teacher bashing!

updated wed 13 aug 03


iandol on mon 11 aug 03

Dear Friends,

So far I have ignored the worms and the flies which have been cast in =
this fishing expedition but I think there are some points which are been =

Axiom; Teaching is a natural process in human society...."Teaching". =
"Education" and other elements of vocabulary associated with =
"Institutions" of "Learning" are elements of Human Natural History =
whereby culture is passed along tribal pathways to the future. We are =
all born to be teachers. Even those who have excluded themselves from =
society at large get drawn into the process. We do not have to go to =
Normal School, Teacher Training College or University to qualify.....We =
are Hard Wired to teach.

Axiom...Institutional Education is a Political Hot Potato....

Axiom....If school attendance were an optional, rather than a compulsory =
process it would be better valued by those who are currently compelled =
to attend places of learning....

Axiom.... The only part of the curriculum taught today which will have =
any use in ten years time is that which can be generalised and applied =
at that time....

Good luck with the debate but please don't raise the school leaving age.

Best regards,

Ivor Lewis. Redhill, where the school was closed because of a lack of =
clients, South Australia.