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pricing stability for your customers (was re: sales)

updated tue 12 aug 03


Janet Kaiser on tue 12 aug 03

I think you will find that a great many wise folk will advise NOT
to have different prices for work your work at different venues
in the same area/nation, no matter how much commission is taken
at a gallery versus other venues. To increase customer
confidence, the commercial manufacturing sector introduced the
idea of the RRP - Recommended Retail Price for this very reason
and individuals are well advised to follow suit in (not just) my

Just look at direct sales bringing you what *appears* to be a far
larger profit margin and rejoice!

In point of fact, meticulous and honest book-keeping will show
that by the time all the other costs involved in direct selling
are taken into full consideration, you will not be far short of
the 50% gallery commission.

And some galleries will kick you out if they find you are
seriously under cutting their retail prices... It may seem harsh,
but imagine what the consequences are for their credibility as
well as your own. You enjoy the increased "added value" of
gallery exposure to lend your work status and then you put in
back into a "bargain basement" type situation by under cutting

Remember that at pot by YOU is a pot, is a pot, is a pot... It is
not only the price to consider, but the VALUE of your work! Does
not matter where it is sold or bought... A You Pot has to cost a
similar amount anywhere, otherwise customer confidence in the
fairness of the price is undermined.


Janet Kaiser

>On labels...
>I don't do'em. They're a pain. Some of my work gets shuffled
from gallery
>to market to show and the price has to fluctuate. Some galleries
take a
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