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unleashed vitriol toward teachers-oh?

updated mon 11 aug 03


Leland G. Hall on sun 10 aug 03

Good evening List,

Phil, I could not agree with you more. So count TWO for 'sure'.

I base my agreement on 17 years working as counsel in the drug and alcohol
field working with adult addicts, seeking recovery. I found it interesting
that a prevalent common denominator with every addict/alcoholic I ever
worked with was the "public school system". Make of it what you will
folks. [or not] I personally recomend it to no-one. I do not want to be
misunderstood. I am not saying that addiction does not arise at times from
other causes. It does. We are talking about "SYTSEMS" here. Which IS/ARE
the problem. I often wonder if the processes of evolution had something
else in mind.

I also base my agreement on my 12 year personal experience with the public
school system, and furthermore on 48 years experience with life the
universe and everything. (And three grown daughters, who were Publicly
sKooled) all with the same result, which is to personal to get into. Are
there exceptions? Of course. Never the less, the analogy put forward in
popular movie "Matrix", may not be so far off the mark.

There are no simple solutions. I wish there were.
"Live and be free" will have to do for now. But with the "system" being so
invasive, so prevalent, so inclusive, it's hard to do.

Just to get back on topic, I will say this. "CLAY HEALS!!!"

And as John Prine once said, "Blow up yer TeeVee, Plant a little garden,
Eat a lot of peaches----------blah blah blah,------on your own.'
Phil wrote in Part:
"I am 'against' the present form of 'school'...whether we
think we have good-teachers or bad-teachers. Period.

Maybe I will find one or two people as MAY agree,
and then again maybe not.

So...lets say so far as for 'sure'...there is just me."