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teacher bashing!

updated tue 12 aug 03


Donn Buchfinck on sun 10 aug 03

In a message dated 8/10/03 5:58:59 PM, mlkrakowski@CITLINK.NET writes:

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Lili, will you marry me.

Donn Buchfinck

Lily Krakowski on sun 10 aug 03

Surprising discovery. Given the same school, the same set of teachers, some
kids turn out super, and some disasters.

I wonder why.

Could it be that some kids come home to self-disciplined and disciplining
parents who discuss school work with them , expand on homework with
supplementary material (trips to musea, educational videos, Summer outings
to relevant places, a good home library) check homework--that it is done on
time and well, see that the kids get enough sleep, and decent meals? And TV
watching is controlled? Could it be that these kids have parents who
investigate every "complaint" the teachers have had? And follow up either
talking to the principal or disciplining the kid?

Could it be that other kids come home to an empty, disorderly house where
housework is disdained as much as homework, where there is no set
bedtime,nutritionally terrible take-out food, any old TV show, where the
cultural activities are motorbike racing, taking drugs, chugalugging; where
book larnin'is considered sissy, where getting away without doing homework
is considered as "smart" as doing sloppy slovenly work on the job? Where
teacher conferences are skipped, and school derided?

The school system is suffering from severe depression, which has grown as
money is poured into problems money cannot solve. Teachers are neither
saints, prophets, nor magicians. They have the kids for a few hours a day;
parents have them far more hours, weeks, months....

Yo, Teach! Don't give up! The pendulum will swing back...

Lili Krakowski
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Be of good courage....