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teacher/prof bashing

updated sat 9 aug 03


mel jacobson on fri 8 aug 03

thank you linda for your fine post. she knows
of what she speaks. she is in the world of
college every day. and from what i have heard, she
is a fine teacher.

i would give any student and clayarter the same
advice if you have academic problems.
i have done this program with former students
dozens of one case it was harassment of
a lesbian woman...a dear friend and former student.
that fellow wishes he was never born.

`if you are being abused, singled out, smacked down,
stepped upon....and it is totally unfair in your mind. do not
whine to clayart or whine to your parents...march into
the dean of your college, make a formal appointment.
have your facts in writing, and in honest order`.
then go see him/her and give your story.

as i have done on three occasions, when i have had
outstanding personal experiences from a professor, write
a note of praise to that same dean.

it goes both ways. bitching and whining has never solved
an academic problem. direct confrontation with a dean.
civil, facts, discussion just may solve your problem.
but, make sure great teaching is rewarded with more
than leaving a candy bar.

age discrimination is a law suit waiting to happen.
any dean will pee his pants over a potential discrimination law
suit. if you are discriminated against....scream bloody
murder....just as if he put a hand up your crotch.
but, make sure you have your facts in order, written down, documented.

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