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selling/500 us$ pot

updated sat 9 aug 03


Janet Kaiser on fri 8 aug 03

Please note the following applies to full-time production

Spend a whole day throwing a pot, a day turning it, another
adding handles and knobs, a fourth decorating, day five firing,
day six packing and posting... And on the seventh day, sit back
and await the fruit of these labours to be rewarded with $500 in
unused dollar bills raining down...

Or go through the same routine, but produce 100 - 500 - 1000 pots
in the same time, not only will the quality of the individual
pots improve (from throwing to decoration to glazes) but a style
develop... As soon as that individual and unique style is medium
to well-known (aka reputation) prices can increase until supply
and demand are about equal. FACT: the more people who are able to
recognise the work of an individual maker and can "give it a
label", the more customers are generated. Makers/artists are no
different to well-known and respected "brand-names" here.

No matter who they are, how they sell or where, the really
successful potters are those who have a stock-room or gallery
full, so they can meet all their current commitments
(exhibitions, clients wanting a full range of ware to chose from)
and eventualities (like a failed firing), but there is absolutely
nothing gathering dust. (With the exception of the occasional
shelf-hugger no one can understand has not sold yet! :-)

Alongside the crucial personal design/skill/style development, it
also boils down to one great economic consideration... Turnover.
Volume is extremely important here too... Ask any accountant or
take Business & Financial Management 101 if you doubt them... It
does not matter if you are making $5 mugs or $500 pots, there has
to be a buoyant and healthy set of figures at the end of each
month, financial year or whatever. Many individual amounts in
both the incoming and the out-going columns of your finances and
not one piddely entry every blue moon. What sort of "successful
business" could afford that?

In other words, implementation of a sound business plan, based on
what is produced and sold. It gives both the maker and their bank
manager/financial adviser/tax man confidence in the the viability
of a SERIOUS BUSINESS. It differentiates between a paying pass
time and a professional production unit which is not only as
successful as any other self-employed person's small business,
but even pays for luxury weekends in Quebec!


Janet Kaiser -- Thankfully in a sea fret... The roads in the
Midlands were melting today! Hottest summer in Europe since

>or, make one a year. if you insist on high prices and you do
>sell, then you have a serious problem.
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