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updated sat 9 aug 03


mel jacobson on fri 8 aug 03

just had a very interesting experience yesterday.
just up the alley of what i have been talking

a customer showed up.
she wanted four wedding gifts.

she was in the studio for about an hour.
when i came out and joined her....she
have 19 pots lined up.

all about 30 bucks..average.

she took them all.
full variety.

she said, ` i will store most of these for future
gifts. that last batch i bought from you i wound
up keeping all but two.`

nice customer.
she does not like malls.

Minnetonka, Minnesota, U.S.A.
web site:
or try:
new/ http://www.TICK-ATTACK.COM

Janet Kaiser on sat 9 aug 03

There you go! Papa Jacobson has the proof of the pudding! Would
that customer have thought of the MJ Pot as the important gift
option, let alone made the effort to drive over to Mel's, if
there were just a scattering of dusty, ill-assorted odds and sods
laying around?

To acquire loyal customers, you have to give them very good to
excellent "service" and that primarily includes a choice of
quality pots (price tag unimportant) to reward them for even
crossing the road to look. All the friendly chat, comfortable,
clean surroundings, refreshments, fancy packing, etc. etc. are
for nought without a convincing product.

Yes, peddling pots is an art (however you do it) but without the
very best, consistent pots there is going to be no loyal customer
base. Simple common sense.


Janet Kaiser

>a customer showed up.
>she wanted four wedding gifts.
>she was in the studio for about an hour.
>when i came out and joined her....she
>have 19 pots lined up.
>all about 30 bucks..average.
>she took them all.
>full variety.
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