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pottery making illustrated special issue

updated fri 8 aug 03


Val on thu 7 aug 03

What a surprise when I went to my local "Chapters" book store and the above was
on the stand...the first time I have seen this magazine and of course I had to buy
it!!! Hopefully they will bring it in all the time....

> Paul,
> The July/August issue of Pottery Making Illustrated contains the only
> complete buyers guide for the studio potter. This directory began in 1998 as
> a stand-alone publication then became the fifth issue of a PMI subscription
> in 2000. In 2002, we decided to add the special buyers guide information to
> a regular issue of PMI and we have done this now for two years. In this way,
> subscribers receive a bonus of having a complete listing of suppliers and
> the products and services they provide, as well as the usual selection of
> features and departments on all aspects of pottery making.
> As for the listings, this is a service provided for free to any company
> offering products and services to studio potters. There is no charge for the
> basic listing, but listers do pay extra for having logos and bold type to
> highlight their listing. The concept of a buyers guide is common and one
> that is used in most every craft and trade, and we are pleased to be able to
> supply this information to studio potters.
> PMI is published by The American Ceramic Society, a non-profit association
> dedicated to serving the entire ceramics field. Hope this clears up a few of
> your concerns.
> Regards,
> Bill Jones
> Editor, Pottery Making Illustrated
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> From: Paul Brinkmann [mailto:PGBinky@AOL.COM]
> Sent: Saturday, July 19, 2003 11:20 PM
> Subject: Re: Functional Pottery Publication
> By and large, I am vary happy with Pottery Making Ilustrated, and have made
> several projects they featured, But was much disappointed with their last
> issue, in that they used over 40 pages to publish resources, and ceramic
> supply
> sources. They must have made a mega-mint of money for all those listings.
> Have to decide whether to continue with Pottery Making Illustrated or
> go back to CLAY TIMES, which I have subscribed to for the past three years.
> P G Brinkmann, on the other side of the alley from the Alamo.
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