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john/selling/500 buck pot

updated fri 8 aug 03


mel jacobson on thu 7 aug 03

remember, in my post i have stated clearly
if you wish to pursue high end sales, have a
clear market strategy in place. you have
to know what you are doing. 500 dollar sales
do not happen overnight.

and, remember i was very clear to point out
that i make `FUNCIONAL` ware. bowls, mugs,
pitchers and plates. this is not high art.
they take me minutes to make. not days.

kurt makes wonderful decorative, large pieces.
they take him a week or more to decorate. would i
in any way deny him $500 for a pot. of course not.
in fact i have been after him to raise his prices. i think
they are worth a $1000.

i do not do that type of work. i think that is clear.

do i deny any potter the ability to sell at `what ever
he/she can get` for their work. of course not.

i charge 65-75 for teapots. that is not giving them away.
i charge 50-75 for platters. that is not giving them away.

when i want pots from friends that i admire, i do not
beg them down. i pay full price. and, i buy a great many pots.

i have a full set of ron roy dishes on order. i did not ask him
`how much`.

my customers have a sense of what i make, what i charge.
they know they get very good value here. and i have stated often,
good value when buying anything, even from walmart makes the
customer come back. over and over. be concerned for your
customer and they will be back. carry pots to their car and
they come back. getting them to come back, over and over
is the key to selling pots. in fact anything.

in no way did i recommend this system for others, it is mine
and it works. my close friends that make pots are never bothered
by what i price. it is up to them to price for their market. they
all live in my 50 mile circle. kevin caufield is having a banner
year selling pots, he is about 30 percent higher than i am.
he sells in grocery stores, gift shops, has sales at his home.
makes wonderful sets of dishes. he is not whining about
how i price, nor does he care what mackenzie charges.
he charges what `his` customers will pay. that is called `market
research`. i am going through that with my invention. what
to charge?

my post had a thrust that was based on...CUSTOMER CARE.
in fact it is magic.

i have no time to worry about what others charge, or what
other do, it is not my business. i do not set the standard
of pricing in minneapolis.
i observe and report...i digest things.
what works for me, works for me.

my ego remark was based on very expensive pots
that do not sell. if they do not sell, and you do not
lower your price, the stack under your bed will grow and grow.
or, you will have to stop making pots.
or, make one a year. if you insist on high prices and you do not
sell, then you have a serious problem. maybe you could blame

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