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beating ?mart competition [was marketing pottery,

updated fri 8 aug 03


Wendy Peck on thu 7 aug 03

response to a few recent posts]

>I think that chocolate sets were popular in colonial days. They were
used for serving hot chocolate as a tea set is used for serving tea.

This idea could contain a gift for anyone who wants to exploit it. A good
pot sells to a person who knows good pots. But a good pot with a gimmick
widens the market exponentially. I can see a chocolate set, perhaps with a
premium chocolate, or Mexican chocolate (totally different) included. A
little enclosure tag with some history or traditional use included ... now
you have more than pots, you have a concept. The value to the gift shopper
explodes, as does the attraction to those who like to serve conversation
with their refreshments - conveniently the same people who have the buying
power to keep an artist going. It doesn't take a lot more work to create the

When the ?marts start selling them a few years down the road because they
are so popular, find another unique idea to package. A small business is
like a sports car - turn on a dime. A huge company is like a semi truck -
takes time to get turned around. The small business has the difference in
time without competition from low prices. Perhaps a better way to look at
this whole issues is that the ?marts have a tough time competing with
artists who are on their toes.


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