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(no subject),starting from get go after grandpa's equipment gift

updated wed 30 jul 03


Milla Miller on tue 29 jul 03

If you give a general idea where in the world yoou are living some
suggestions might come from the list telling you where you can take a class.I think a
good foundation class from a program with a trained instructor or a practicing
potter at their studio would be better than books and videos.You should go to
your public library first to read and check out what is offered there first
and also see if a school, community center or college has a beginners
course.The yellow pages if you are American helps.A supplier also may give you
directions to such help.
You have a marvelous opportunity and there are many avenues for help out
there so just start at home on the free until you find where you wish to be
lead.the choices are endless and the learning never ends if you grow a love for this

In a message dated 7/29/2003 12:42:25 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
Tabitha866@AOL.COM writes:

> Hi! My grandfather just bought a kiln and a whole bunch of other stuff for
> me to do ceramics. I have no idea where to even begin. If anybody can
> recommend any books, videos or anything else that might help me to get
> started, I
> would soooooo appreciate it.
> thanks,
> Tabitha