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grants / loans / business services

updated wed 30 jul 03


Bob Nicholson on mon 28 jul 03

I have a couple of general suggestions for people interested
in grants, loans, small business services, etc.

(1) Check your local community college for courses! Our
local colleges offer courses in applying for grants,
starting and running small businesses, etc.

(2) Ask the reference librarian at your local library for
help and resources.

Obviously the quality of the info you get from there sources
will depend on your local college instructors and librarians,
but the CAN be a tremendous resource. They're often overlooked
in our modern world, where people's first thought is "do a web

Jay Gertz on tue 29 jul 03

There is also a valuable resource for federal money entitled Catalog of
Federal Domestic Assistance. It is a huge two volume set and should be
available at your larger public, academic or depository library.

It also has a web presence at:


jay s. gertz
(828) 251-6627