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updated tue 29 jul 03


Mitch Kotula on sun 27 jul 03

Update on my insurance research:

Review: I rent 1060 sq ft and currently have a $2
million aggregate, $1 million per incident, $300K
building/premises, $10K personal property w/$250
deductable and $2 million in goods and advertizing.
It is through The Hartford for $950/year.

Findings: The Hartford deals through agents, so
contact someone who can write for The Hartford. Am
told they are big in covering "artists", so that is
normal property line for them, and they "understand"
artists/studios/kilns, etc.

The mainstream insurance companies (Farmers, Allstate,
State Farm, Farm Bureau) either do not write such
coverages or do so at very high rates, sucking in
breath when the "kiln" word is mentioned. These
companies used to make a lot of money on their stock
market investments, but now they have to make money on
insurance, so are very careful in insuring anything
that might result in a claim.

The independents are more likely to cover clay people.
A local company (Korman) can give me the dame
coverage for $490/year v. the $950 I am now paying.

Recommendation: contact independent insurance agents
who can deal with a variety of insurers. Lay out your
situation and even invite them to visit your studio to
see what is what.


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