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thanks, pmi ..... and styrofoam

updated sun 27 jul 03


Ababi on sat 26 jul 03

Yesterday I got my PMI.
I will not enjoy so much the directory though I think it is important to
have it there..=20

Today I am talking about Styrofoam.

In Frith's Slip casting book there is a chapter about a solution made by
an American potter his name I keep in Frith's book.=20
The potter that his name I forgot had an employee that could not throw!
(I would throw him!)
The potter in our story made out of Styrofoam, molds. This way his
employee could work and do not have to steal in order to buy food for
his family..=20
When I found his site I e mailed him and thanked him because like his
worker- I cannot use wheels too. Just thinking about: My hands starting
swallow! (bloating in our professional language).
You can see them in:


In a book called: Impressed and Incised Ceramics by Coll Minogue
She writes about an American potter, his name I keep in hers book as
well as in Frith's book because it is the same one! Our potter incises
with an electric soldering tool into Styrofoam.
In most of the wares in this page:

Let's take a break.

My friend and adviser Yehuda Koren =96 once in a lecture (when he was =
my adviser) told us in a lecture in my school, about a visit he had to
Bulgaria. A potter he met- when he wanted ( The potter) to make a slip
casting used, Styrofoam ( he must of read my books) because plaster of
Paris was not available that time in Bulgaria or had been too expensive.
To release the dried slip out of the cast he used talc that he had
spread before pouring the slip. If I survived from the point of more or
less correct English grammar please tell me - if not than just forget

I really wanted to try it but with my clayartness I know that spreading
the talc is almost as bad as smoking cigarettes - I gave it up.

Back to the PMI:
The story of Ron Korczyncski (that his name I am keeping in the PMI), is
finishing the story. His techniques similar to the one I do keep in
Frith's book and actually doing in a simpler way. He is using it in the
best possible way. He spreads starch which is a friendly powder: I mean
if you are not satisfied with your work you can make a pudding or fix
your shirts but not ruining you lungs!
Just like I had written last week:=20
Or might forget saying it: One interesting article is making me more
than very satisfied!

Ababi Sharon
Glaze addict
Kibbutz Shoval Israel

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The directory in the yearly July/August issue
is more efficient than the net. A quick search
with google did not reveal the Fayetteville
clay supplies outlet ...... but there it was under
Arkansas in the directory. Great idea!

In the Mojave