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stools and backs

updated sun 27 jul 03


Lily Krakowski on sat 26 jul 03

As Clayart knows I throw standing up because it is easier on hips and back.

HOWEVER the problems I have had with my back were not, are not, throwing
related. There is a name for blaming the obvious for whatever is wrong
(heartburn blamed on pizza, when actually there is an ulcer, etc). It had as
much to do with my heavy lifting, my raking and hoeing, and a birth defect
(very common I am told) in a lower vertebra.

The first thing to do with a bad back, sciatic pains etc is to see an MD. Or
a good chiropractor--who will take x-rays. You may think it is the throwing,
while it may be carrying laundry baskets up the stairs...

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Be of good courage....