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credit cards/mugs

updated tue 29 jul 03


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on fri 25 jul 03

Hi Mel,

I too prefer Cash.

It was the Standard medium for one's daily commercial
'pay', Wages &c. for a very long time, only recently being
supplanted by cheques or checks or other forms of credit.

My surviveing Aunts and Uncles remember well working at
'Crane Valve', or at 'The Carson, Perry, Scott and Co.' (or
however one spells it) in Chicago, and being paid their
weekly or two weekly Salary or Wages in "Cash".

That was the norm everywhere for almost everyone...

'Time Magazine' even and 'Zenith' where my mom worked in the
'thirties..."I.B.M." as well...

It was the norm.

I have an 'American Express Gold Card' on which I could
borrow more in a minute than I should likely make in a year.

I use it almost never, or, only to rent-a-car, or,
rent-a-room or perhaps eat-a-meal (for which I'd leave the
zooty - the 'tip' - in Cash) in distant cities...nothing

Any business I do personally, and much as I may do through
the Mails...I pay Cash.

I get 'checks', I convert them into Cash.

I pay all my Bills in Cash but for a couple as are to
distant Companies...

I still have my Business Checking Account...and have never
bothered to re-order the Checks as ran out a few years ago.
My thought is to at some point, send the 'Rocky Mountain
Banknote Co.' some Camera-ready drawing as for the Checks I
may want TO have, which I shall use spareingly. They will do
this you know...

And why not?

Las Vegas

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From: "mel jacobson"
Sent: Friday, July 25, 2003 6:19 PM
Subject: credit cards/mugs

> i have a suggestion, and a thought.
> i make mugs so that when people pay me
> in `CASH` a mug gets smuggled into their
> bag.
> they smile, remember.
> i know credit cards are nice.
> i have one, same one for twenty years.
> pay it off each month, use their money
> all month.
> but, i love cash.
> cash, cash...greenies, famous presidents.
> a safe, fire proof, bolted to the basement floor.
> cash.
> what a concept.
> this is all part of my quest called.
> `educate a crafts-person.
> 2003
> i paid some interest a couple years ago....58 cents.
> never do that again.
> like flusing money down a toilet.

iandol on sun 27 jul 03

Dear Phil and Friends,

When at a pay point where credit cards are considered the normal form of =
payment, ask if they will oblige you with a Discount For Cash.

If you are over 60, pull the other leg and ask for a "Seniors Discount"

You may be refused but it is a wise thing to ask and you may get =
rewarded more often than you might anticipate. Remember, not everyone =
tells you the rules of their game.

Best regards,

Ivor Lewis. Redhill, South Australia