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credit cards vs cash

updated sun 27 jul 03


Sandy Miller on sat 26 jul 03

Well just my 2 cents. I have been on the art fair circuit for many =
years, 18 to be exact, I make my living at this thing call ceramic art =
or pottery. For three years I took credit cards and then got tired of =
the paper work and extra charges. Instead of paper work I'd rather be =
making pots... So I quit taking charges. I stock 8 galleries in the =
area and they all take credit. Told folks if you need the credit card =
purchase pick the pot up at the gallery that is close to you, I will =
drop it off on Monday. I have only had a few folks take me up on this. =
Those folks have returned to the galleries over and over, the gallery =
owner is happy, I'm happy, the customer is happy. Cash is King. I =
can't really say I have lost sales because I didn't have credit. My =
pots range is price from $22 for a mug to $400 for a decorative raku =
pot. don't do much functional mostly decorative. I know in this day =
and age it is unheard of to not to perpetuate the credit card disease, I =
have one, just one for emergencys. It's a personal thing...... =20
Sandy Miller