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quality products and happy customers...

updated thu 17 jul 03


Thomas Giannou on wed 16 jul 03


I'm new to the list. I can identify a lot with what you shared. I love
doing business with the small stores that are competitors of Wall Mart,
Lowes, and Home Depot and any of the other large chain stores. When I
started my little business six years ago, I made a decision to sell products
that work. The rest I don't want to be on the return side of the counter or
on the phone getting complaints.

Do the best you can in the product you make and it will pay off as customers
say this stuff is great. It looks good. It serves the function well. It's
durable. We are pleased with it. It does exactly what you said it would
do. etc. The big stores don't compete on that level. We provide
literature about how our products work and how to best use the products. We
do that because we want our customers to be successfull. Our customers
become our sales force as they tell their friends and show what our products
can do for them. We've built up a lot of pupularity up and down the East
Coast and we've never been over there... all from our location in Washington

Best Regards,
Thomas Giannou

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From: "Debi Wichman"
Sent: Wednesday, July 16, 2003 10:15 AM
Subject: Re: Is TC a Ceramic Snob? (was Re: Sleepers- JK)

> All this really strikes a chord. Aren't functional potters in the same
> (or at least the same pond) as the small farmer and local businessman?
> These are the people who care more about their community and the quality
> goods they provide and who actually will answer to problems of their
> customers. It is oversimplified, but the folks in business for themselves
> put a lot of care and thought into what they are doing, be it art or
> providing a service. Would that we could go back to the days when
> neighborhood communities were strong and caring, and saving a buck wasn't
> the highest priority....but I fear the Walmartization of America will
> continue and our choices will diminish......
> Debi