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used bookstore in or - the arcanum - a must read book !

updated thu 17 jul 03


Jonathan Kirkendall on tue 15 jul 03

And, is a GREAT place to find inexpensive used books (and
they have new books too, and really good book reviews). Tired of
or barnes and noble? This is the place to go!

Usual disclaimers...only a happy customer on the other side of the country
from Powells.

Jonathan in DC

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Sent: Monday, July 14, 2003 1:46 PM
Subject: OT: used bookstore in OR - The Arcanum - a Must Read Book !

Hi Shula,

Hope I get this right, it has been years and years. I think you are
referring to "Powells" in Portland OR. On Burnside I believe. A block or
so up from the what used to be great gallery district, on the water front.
As I recall, Powells is huge, like a whole city block or something. Great
atmosphere. Lots of cozy spots to sit and read. I think they had a coffee
bar, mabe a deli too. Like I say, it's been years ago. Memory fades,
fuzzes and warps too darn it. Hope this helps though.

Leland in La Pine, OR
From: Purple
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2003 11:18:02

Speaking of a good book to read - I know people have discussed a great used
bookstore in Oregon - perhaps in Portland. Would someone remind me of the
of it?


in sunny Redondo Beach, CA

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John Baymore on wed 16 jul 03

And, is a GREAT place to find inexpensive used books (and=

they have new books too, and really good book reviews). Tired of
or barnes and noble? This is the place to go!

Saving a few bucks is often a good thing. =

But I'd like to remind people that if potters all start to order everythi=
at the big places like Amazon and such... that the real gems of places th=
offer us SERVICE and KNOWLEDGE about the products.... that stock limited
interest and specialized materials, and that will go out of their way to
FIND stuff for you........ like Steve Branfman's wonderful Potters Shop
bookstore......... will eventually disappear. =

And if you check... you often find that Steve's prices pretty much match =
are even cheaper than the so-called "discounters" are. =

This is what I call the "Home Depot" effect. A Home Depot comes into an
area and puts most of the independent lumber yards and hardware stores ou=
of business competing solely on the price. When they first open, they p=
on all kinds of sales staff and there are orange aprons everywhere you lo=
to help you find stuff in the cavernous building. Once they have "grabbe=
the local market"......... they lay many of these people off and you have=

to search for someone to ask a question of and you stand in line forever =
check out. They have the economic power to DO that. So people flock to =
thinking "'s so much cheaper here." and don't think about the REA=
price attached to their choice.

Pretty soon the local choice for building and hardware supplies is Home
Depot and Home Depot . And you quickly find that unlike the local
lumber yard or hardware store used to ...... 99% of the underpaid
non-building trade people who work at HD haven't a CLUE about helping you=

with your plumbing problem or your selection of the right wiring material=
Also..... if HD doesn't carry the particular brand of something you
want.... you are pretty much out of luck. No place else locally to get
anything anymore. And HD stocks brands and items based pretty much on
stock turnover. It is all about money, after all. So if you are looking=

for an obscure, specialized item........ you can bet that HD won't likely=

have it.

On a larger scale...... if HD doesn't carry a particular brand of
item...... then the company that MAKES that brand of item has fewer and
fewer HD takes over neighborhood after neighborhood. So
the company that makes the product struggles to find markets... and
eventually IT folds.

This is all part of the American way of free enterprise. And the basic
philosophy behind it is unfortunatley taking over the world and slowly
homogenizing it
at multiple levels.

Please don't let this happen to our few specialized pottery bookstores an=
the publishers of pottery books.

This kind of stuff ALSO fits right into the discussions about US cultura=
awareness too as the mass market approach affects what people see as "art=

Same kind of forces at work. =



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